Get ready for hot on the court action and special events featuring the best of the best of BSL
All-Star Weekend
2024 All-Star Preview

The All-Star Preview Broadcast sets the stage for one of BSL’s most anticipated events, offering viewers an exclusive glimpse into the excitement and anticipation surrounding the BSL’s showcase event. Hosted by our very own Audley Stephenson,, the broadcast features insightful interviews with All-Star players, providing fans with unique perspectives on their preparations, aspirations, and the honor of being selected among the league's elite. As anticipation builds, we will break down the contenders and dark horses for the Dunk Contest and the 3-Point Contest, analyzing each participant's style, strengths, and potential for memorable performances. From gravity-defying dunks to pinpoint shooting, the discussion delves into the strategies and skills that could shape these thrilling competitions. Additionally, the broadcast offers a comprehensive preview of the All-Star Game itself, highlighting key storylines, matchups, and the star-studded rosters set to collide in a showcase of basketball brilliance. With in-depth analysis, player insights, and expert predictions, the All-Star Preview Broadcast sets the stage for events of unforgettable moments and basketball excellence.

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Watch Next
2024 All-Star Event

The BSL All-Star events showcase some of the league's most thrilling events, including the Dunk Contest, the 3-Point Contest, and the All-Star Game. The Dunk Contest is a spectacle of athleticism and creativity, where high-flying players compete to deliver jaw-dropping slams and sheer vertical leaps to impress judges and fans alike. The 3-Point Contest is a display of precision shooting, featuring sharpshooters from around the league vying to sink as many long-range shots as possible within a timed format, with each basket electrifying the crowd. The All-Star Game brings together the BSL’s brightest stars for a showcase of skill, teamwork, and entertainment, where players from different teams join forces on Team Red vs. Team Blue squads to compete in a fast-paced, high-scoring exhibition that celebrates the best of basketball on a grand stage.

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